Do I have to sit still to meditate or be mindful?

One of my favourite spots. Its a swimming hole, picnic area and place to pause.

This is pretty close to home and one of my favourite spots. It’s a swimming hole, picnic area and a place to pause.

I used to think of meditation as sitting in complete quiet, no interruptions for a few minutes to an hour.
That is definitely one form of meditation but for me and my season, moving meditations are easier to integrate into my day to day.

It can be walks outside, trips to the creek or even a local park. As I interact with those around me and my environment, using all of my senses. 

Hearing the sounds of the moving water and laughter, or arguing of my kids.

Seeing the colours and textures and shapes that make up the landscape.

Feeling the gentle rain land on my skin. Feeling my feet as they press on the ground. 

Tasting the bitterness of my warm coffee.

Smelling the damp vegetation, the mosquito spray, the fresh rain.

I can’t help but feel grateful without even trying to feel grateful. It flows out of me with each moment.

Including these opportunities where all of my senses come alive, consistently, has created equanimity in me.

This has come without me trying to get it, which is almost the most perplexing part of it.

Do you include breath work, meditation or mindfulness in your days?
How do you do it?
How has it changed you?