How Do You Eat an Elephant? What Does an Elephant Have to Do With Yoga?

How do you eat an Elephant?

One small chunk at a time.

Have you heard that one before?

What does an elephant have to do with Yoga?

I’m going to tell you.

Sometimes Yoga can feel intimidating, especially when you first start.

I think it’s natural to think we “should” be able to flow in and out of these poses. 

That is a Myth.

I think most of us come to Yoga to learn how to thoughtfully move.

To learn what Yoga has to offer.

The KEY here is the word LEARN.

We don’t practice Yoga to already be good at Yoga otherwise I would have nothing to teach.

So…….so each Pose can be broken down into smaller movements or places to focus, JUST LIKE EATING THE ELEPHANT ONE PIECE AT A TIME until, gradually we start feeling better in the pose, or have consumed a whole elephant.

I do this with everything in my life.

Here is an example using Handstand.

Working in Pike Pose here. Creating shoulder strength and working on alignment.

I started with wrist strength.

Then Core engagement.

Working with my mental FEAR.

Shoulder strength.

And technique.

I’ve been working on Handstand for a while.

I’m not there, YET, but my wrists are super flexible and being a Massage Therapist for so many years I consider this a miracle.

My Core continues to grow stronger and I am more aware of activating it as needed in life. Less chance of injuring my low back.

Working on the fear I have had in falling translates into things I fear in life.

My shoulders, joints included are stronger and healthier.

And truthfully I am having FUN.

Using the wall to help me with balance. Yes I fell a few times.

What Pose do you want to work on?

I can help you break it down into smaller steps.

It’s easiest to start with ground up.

Meaning start with Feet placement, and work up.

I LOVE THIS STUFF and am happy to help!

Leave a comment below with a Pose you would like to PLAY in.

Happy Sunday.